Gorillaz: Song Machine Season One: Strange Timez review – playful and potent collaboration

Damon Albarn

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Damon Albarn is the melodic anchor to this pioneering album that balances concept with fun

The Now Now (2018) was a type of Gorillaz albums that allotted with the hip hop-led collaborations that have typically defined this band of ink and flesh. Visitors are in full effect, though, on its follow-up: what’s billed as Season One of the band’s Track Machine idea, compiling the tracks Gorillaz have launched monthly by way of their YouTube channel since January, plus additional helpings.

Every thing that has ever been partaking about Gorillaz is current in spades here. Playfulness and conceptual ambition are all anchored by Damon Albarn’s melodic melancholy and his side-eye at the suboptimal state of things. His Bowie fixation waxes exhausting on unreleased tracks – reminiscent of The Misplaced Chord – as properly those already within the public area (Aries).

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