Tony Allen’s 9 favourite songs“Lady Boston” by The Good, The Bad & The Queen“This is a track...

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Tony Allen’s 9 favourite songs

“Lady Boston” by The Good, The Bad & The Queen

“This is a track that I really love, I love it. I was on this one too. Damon really has stories, British stories. He knows his history, and what the people like and don’t like. He knows what’s happened in the past, present, and he’s always looking towards the future too.

“”Lady Boston” was sung for Brexit. It’s about telling people, the British people, how they handle things here, how the rhetoric works. He was singing for the young and old, at the same time. Some people would get what he was driving towards and what he was saying. He wasn’t buying the idea of Brexit at all.

“We went to play Blackpool and he was telling me that we were there because in this place, Blackpool people are fucking poor but they wanted Brexit. They have nothing, I saw kids who should have been in school just out on the street, not foreign kids - British kids. He said we went there to play for the Brexiteers - he sang his songs for the old guys, maybe to change their mind, change their ideas.

“But there isn’t going to be another referendum for them, whether they changed their minds or not. People reacted fine, they enjoyed the songs, and it made me think there should be another referendum.”

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