Graham Coxon: Bert Jansch's music is a great gift for everyone

Graham Coxon

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Ahead of two tribute concerts this weekend, Blur’s guitarist remembers the nerve-racking experience of meeting one of Britain’s greatest musicians

It took me a while to fully appreciate Bert Jansch. Maybe because I associated him with terror for a number of years.

I played on the same bill as him in 2003 at Stephen Malkmus’s Down the Dustpipe festival at the Royal Festival Hall in London. I had just come out of the Priory and was playing with a new and rather hurriedly rehearsed band. Not only that, I had drunk around 15 cups of coffee during Bert’s set and was going to start my show directly after him, all on my own with two or three acoustic songs. As I watched him I began to have a very bad feeling about the whole evening.

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